4 Things To Look At When Buying Town Houses

Townhouses, like apartments, share common walls with each other and run continuously one after another forming a row. Visit Chilli Realty’s page for apartments for attractive house prices and a wide variety town house designs and apartments. However, you are also entitled to ownership of common areas such as the courtyard. The advantages and disadvantages of living in a townhouse will give you an idea of how to buy a townhouse that is suitable to your needs. Here is a list of 4 things to look at when purchasing a townhouse.

Things for Look at When Buying Town Houses

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An HOA governs almost all the townhouses. As such, you should look at the terms and conditions terms & conditions set by the HOA and their suitability to your personal preferences. A good HOA applies reasonable restrictions on its community. But, you may be concerned about a few restrictions like not to have pets, not to plant in front of the courtyard, not to change the exterior colors of outside walls, and others.

Besides, every HOA demands a monthly fee, which can be quite expensive for anyone. In return for your payments, they bear the responsibility of all repair and maintenance works in the neighborhood. They also take the risk of fixing an unexpectedly damages caused by some calamities.


As you share walls with someone, you will feel more disturbed if they often make noise. In some instances, noise can lead to affect the concentration or sleep depending on what you use your house for. But, many townhouses are constructed with sound proof walls, which block noises made around. Moreover, your HOA can impose restrictions regarding this issue. As such, you should always have this consideration before moving into any neighborhood.


The house chosen should be inaccessible to facilities and services you require. You should collect information about the nearest schools, public transportation, and markets. It will help you for making an informed choice. You also consider any potential threats due to thefts, robbery around the community. Also, take a note of the nearest police station.

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A situation may arise in future when you have to sell the house. So, you should be cautious of spending money for buying a new townhouse. Look around the developmental works taking place in and around the community. Other factors like the level of restrictions by an HOA, accessibility to the modern facilities and buyers’ interest are all have an impact on the resale value.

Besides this list of things to look at when buying townhouses, you should also look for a house with some natural ambiance, which is refreshing to both your eyes and hearts.