Diagnostic Tests Guide On Air Conditioners

The air conditioners are necessary equipment in your homes especially during the summer when you can feel the hot weather creeping under your skin. Since this is a vital equipment in every household, you must know how to conduct diagnostic tests when something goes wrong. Click on the active link for the diagnostic check list. There are some damages that you can fix on your own. Here is an easy guide on how to carry out diagnostic tests on air conditioners.


Check the filter systems

kjjkjkjkqqxzWhen you think that the air conditioner is not releasing cold air just like what it is supposed to do, you must first check the filters because maybe they are all clogged up. Check not only the indoor filters but also the condenser filters located outside your house because they can harbor dust from the streets. Clean them up because clogged filters can impede the proper distribution of cold air inside your room. This may be able to fix your problem when it comes to your home air conditioning.

Observe the fan

Just like the ordinary electric fans, it can harbor dust, hair and other materials that can cause the fan or blower to malfunction. That is why aside from the filters, you must also clean this part of your appliance. Remove all the materials that have caused the slow movement of the fans.

Check if there are cracks on your air conditioner

Aside from that, you must check on some leaks or cracks on the pipes or coils. The coolant fluid can have an adverse health effect especially to the people confined in the room. If you leave the leak unattended, you will be able to experience health problems. Sometimes when leaks occur, and you detected it, you must seek the help of a professional when it comes to its repair because an expert must do the handling of Freon or the coolant fluid. It is best that you let it fixed instantly.

Look at the functionality of the AC compressor

This is a part of the home cooling equipment that helps control the temperature and pressure inside the system. When the valves malfunction or overheat or when there are cracks or particular problems with the piston, your air conditioner will not function as well because it can affect the other parts of the equipment. You can use your tools if you know how to fix it or seek help from an expert.


kjjkjkjwwqzxWhen your home air conditioning system has some physical problems, it will not be able to deliver the cool air that you want it to produce. That is why diagnostic tests on air conditioners are very paramount since it helps in keeping your cooling equipment in good shape for your comfort and convenience.

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