The Holiday Season and Lighting Decorations

One of the most magnificent type of Christmas views is driving past houses that are all decorated with outdoor Christmas lights. Some of the concepts and designs that people come up with to decorate their homes on the outside are remarkable.

Lighting 01Some of the designs are small, quiet and unassuming, kind of like the concept of the very first Christmas. And some are grand displays, apparently with countless Lights all over the roofing, on the eaves, around the doors and windows and even around the borders of the backyards themselves.

There are outdoor rope lights, commercial grade light timers and stars that twinkle and shine to the beat of the Christmas carols that are emanating from concealed speakers by the walkways. And a few of the lights that peoples make use of to embellish their houses are new designs that are developed each year.

Some, however, are tried and real light bulbs and lighting designs that had actually been around from the time when people initially started using electricity to power up their outdoor Christmas displays. Some of the most popular lights are the C7 and C9 light bulbs. If you are a baby boomer or know somebody who is, these are the lights that everybody used to decorate their homes.

They come in string of 25 light bulbs if you are using the ones that you buy currently put together with light bulbs in place. Or if you need a lot of Lighting 02lights then you can even buy a spool of wire that has the little sockets to put the bulbs into. Then you buy mass quantities of the bulbs, which you can always find for a good price online. You insert the light bulbs into the little socket, and you are ready to go and begin stringing up your holiday designs.

Nowadays, with the need to save money wherever possible, you can enjoy these incredible retro style lights with a new energy friendly upgrade. The bulbs themselves have actually been made the same size that they used to be, C7 and C9, however they are LED bulbs, which are significantly energy efficient. Depending upon the number of strings of lights you are installing, you can typically conserve the entire cost to light the bulbs in energy cost savings in just one Christmas period.

But even if you are not into the retro design, there are lots of designs of outdoor lights that you can find online to spruce up your front yard for the satisfaction of all your neighbors. Just a couple of minutes spent checking around online, and you can find precisely the right deals and discounts for you.

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