Ways To Control And Kill Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are very annoying. Their constant humming or buzzing makes it difficult for a person to sleep peacefully. In addition, they are pests known to carry dreaded malaria and dengue virus. They also transmit other viruses like West Nile Virus, Yellow Fever, and Dog Heartworm. It is necessary to know ways to kill and control them.

Remove Stagnant water around your home. In this way, you can reduce their number around your home. Always be vigilant to ensure such stagnant water sources are eliminated. The common sources include garbage bins, drains, and flower pots. Always ensure mosquito control 1these sources are always kept water free.

The other way is reduce shaded areas. These areas harbor mosquitoes. You should note that mosquitoes are nocturnal creatures. Therefore, they come out full during the night. They spend most of their time hiding in cool areas like vegetation and damp areas. Look for these areas and trim your vegetation that is adjacent to the house. Make their areas of residence uncomfortable for them during the day. This will reduce their numbers greatly.

Turn on air-conditioning units. As you know, mosquitoes are not comfortable with cold air. Turning on your air-conditioner is a good way to get rid of them quickly. In fact, you will be surprised at the speed mosquitoes in your home will disappear.

Turning on the fan in your house can work in controlling their number. The fan will blow them away. You use this technique if you cannot withstand cold air produced by your air conditioning unit.

You can use mosquito repellant. Repellants are known to be effective in keeping mosquito control 2these pests away. Repellents contain active ingredients that repel these pests. Always ensure repellents contain certain ingredients set by local authorities. The other alternative is to use ULV foggers. These are used in outdoor environs. These are machines that generate a mist of low volume droplets that contain chemicals that kill mosquitoes. Nowadays, there are several types of foggers. Studies show that use of ultra low volume droplets is quite effective in controlling mosquitos.

Although the above methods are few, they are very effective in controlling mosquitos. The pests that attack you do not travel from far places. They are within your reach. Whenever, they find stagnant water, they will have a bath and birth. Stagnant water can produce several mosquitoes in a short period.